Qutb al-Din Mubarak Shah Khalji

Qutb al-Din Mubarak Shah Khalji
   Mubarak was the third son of 'Ala al-Din Khalji (1296-1316) who escaped being imprisoned and blinded like his elder brother Khizr Khan by Malik Kafur. After Malik Kafur was assassinated by paiks in 1316, Mubarak—then only 17 years old—ascended the throne with the ti-tle Qutb al-Din Mubarak Shah. He killed his brothers, including Khizr Khan who was then imprisoned in Gwalior, and took the wid-owed Deval Rani into his own harem. In the first two years of his reign, Mubarak showed a good deal of competence and energy in dealing with stubborn chiefs and disgruntled nobles as well as with the defiance of the rulers of Deogir and Telingana in the Deccan. But his career came to an abrupt end in April 1320 when his favorite neo-Muslim noble Khusrau Khan killed him and seized the throne with the help of his Parwari fellow clansmen.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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